About me

Hi I’m Malia McGovern! I’m a student at Indiana State University in the famous Terre Haute Indiana, also known as well, nothing that great. I’m majoring in recreation and sport management with a minor in marketing. I’m a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. I held two offices in the past three years Parliamentarian and Vice President of Alumnae and heritage. I also lifeguard and teach water aerobics to the  funniest and most stubborn people on the planet earth. I’m just your average college student saving lives everyday. See what I did there? But enough about me let’s make some moves with Malia.

WIth my future I’m looking for that dream job. The one you talk about constantly. The one you live for and could be there all day. I want to be in the sports industry working my way up to the head of marketing or public relations one day. I enjoy Indy Car, college football, and water sports. Any of those three would be a the dream job to land. But first things first, let’s make that move and connect with me via twitter and linked in.







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