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Just some little tips to take with you on your next trips. No need to worry I’m not a rapper, nor will I ever be. Just trying to bring out that inner creative kid inside me. Oh look at that, I’m killing it out here. For real now, blogging is in important part of our lives now. It connects to all social media, making it become big each day. Any public relation professional can tell you they have to do some type of writing whether a press release or a blog of some sort. I know the struggle of writing a blog and what to do sometimes with one. So here are some little tips for you all.

  1. Catch readers attention with titles

It’s the first thing a reader sees. You want them to read your blog and enjoy it. The title must also go along with your blog. I always debate whether to make it up my topic or write my blog first. Either way your title should always be something that will catch someone’s eye.

  1. Be you

It’s important to not copy anyone. You need to be yourself and be creative. Being you in any environment is key to success. If you aren’t yourself, who are you trying to be? Allow yourself to be the creative person you are and not copy someone else’s work.

  1. Use trends

In today’s world trends are constantly changing. If it’s not the outfit, it’s the season. You have to make sure you are up to date with the latest trends. Staying up to date with current events as well. Connecting your topic to trends or current events make your blog more interesting. You will get more feedback and it even helps if you tag the trend or current event happening.

4. Tell the truth

Never ever lie to the public. It is the absolute worst thing you could do. It takes a lot to trust someone and when you lie about something you can lose a lot of respect. Plus you would be giving out false information. The way anything is traveled now is a split second. The rumors start, and it will come back and haunt you.

5. Social Media

Social media has changed the world has reacted to any situation. It is crucial to connect each media outlet to your blog. You’ll get a different market audience on each media outlet. It also allows for it to reach many different people by shares or retweets.


I hope some of these tips you will use to help your blog grow or maybe you are in the process of using them. Take them as you will and blog your little heart out with these tips.


Photo Credit: Abdulghani Alsooqi via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Abdulghani Alsooqi via Compfight cc


Author: maliamcgovern

Student at Indiana State University. Studying recreation and sport management with a minor in marketing. Just your average blogger saving lives everyday.

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