Put another tally up

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The best feeling ever is when the tweet you just tweeted starts getting multiple favorites or retweets. Then you noticed you gained more followers and you think you’re Jimmy Fallon, you’re so funny. I’m sorry to burst that bubble but you will never be that funny. On the other hand you gained more followers so snaps to you.

Twitter is one of the greatest social media source out there. If you don’t have a Twitter I feel sorry for you. It is so informative and upbeat. The biggest worry on twitter is the followers. You are always trying to impress them. Whether it’s a funny tweet or your intriguing bio. Here are some helpful hints I found interesting to help you boost your follower account.


  1. A good picture. When you want to search for someone you instantly want to see the face and who they are. The picture you choose should be appropriate but show your personality. Don’t be boring have fun with it!
  2. Your bio. Your bio must catchy because that is what grabs the attention of most. It’s like a blog, the title has to literally grab you. But, be careful you only have 160 characters, so accept the challenge and bring out you inner creativity because we all have a little bug that’s creative.
  3. Okay we all know we love to read about what the world is offering. So hey go ahead chime in and put the hash tag provided. It puts you out there and 9/10 times you get a reply, follow, or retweet. Also it helps to retweet things you like and follow but then quote it. You are giving the author credit but also giving a slight opinion.
  4. Finally be patient. People will follow and comment back to. I’ve learned instead tweeting more about my life to promote more what I love. Also it makes me look better for when I’m applying for a job. I tweet more about what I want to do and link it to sport topics being talked about. I’ve gotten feedback, conversation start-ups, and followers.

Hopefully these tips lead you in the right direction and you gain followers. Be smart and think about what you tweet. They will follow and connect with you!

Photo Credit: Anne Helmond via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Anne Helmond via Compfight cc


Author: maliamcgovern

Student at Indiana State University. Studying recreation and sport management with a minor in marketing. Just your average blogger saving lives everyday.

One thought on “Put another tally up

  1. Great article you explained many great guidelines to having a active twitter. Social media is very important when representing yourself your steps help explain how to had a professional twitter. Ive used all your four steps prior to reading this article and I have acquired a large following.


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