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Social Media

Can you go a minute without updating a tweet? How about posting a picture? Sending a snapchat of a picture perfect moment? All these things are what todaysgeneration can’t run their life without doing. You constantly see everyone on their phone. It’s just easy because it’s right at your fingertips. From sitting on the subway or walking to a restaurant. People now a days can’t look up from their phone and actually know what is going on.

Social media has become a priority for most people. Celebrity’s tell their story first to social media rather than send a release. You instantly express your feelings before even thinking what you are saying. Plus you can get a reply in a split second. Social Media has gained over millions of followers, readers, and lovers. The media has a good rep but also a bad rep.

The good about the media is its fast. You say what you want and send. BAM! It’s out there for the world. A fall to that is, did you proof it? Is it acceptable? Most of the time yes, other times no. Celebrities do it best. They say what they want, when they want. Good and bad. With my past experience as an intern I learned that you have to be careful with what you say to the audience. You never know what will spike the attention or if you worded it wrong. It all comes back to haunt you if you did do something wrong. If you do get a reply that is not positive you don’t have much time, most say thirty minutes to an hour. Trust me it’s not a pretty site or is it fun to be the bad guy. But hey, you can’t please everyone.

I will say I love having social media. I have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. All of them are very smart with their marketing and entire websites. They continuously update you to bigger and better things. Tell you who to follow and who to friend. When keeping up in the world, it’s best to be on Twitter. It’s instantly out there and keeps you updated literally play-by-play. If we didn’t have social media honestly I have no idea what the world would do. It’s made us a better place but also so tech savvy that it’s annoying to most.


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Author: maliamcgovern

Student at Indiana State University. Studying recreation and sport management with a minor in marketing. Just your average blogger saving lives everyday.

One thought on “Hey! Look up!

  1. I really appreciated your voice throughout this whole piece. Our generation is tech obsessed, hands down! But you make a good point that we can use it to our advantage in the PR profession. I also like how you brought your internship into it. It gave me a real life example to picture when thinking about my personal future career.


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