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Little tips

Just some little tips to take with you on your next trips. No need to worry I’m not a rapper, nor will I ever be. Just trying to bring out that inner creative kid inside me. Oh look at that, I’m killing it out here. For real now, blogging is in important part of our lives now. It connects to all social media, making it become big each day. Any public relation professional can tell you they have to do some type of writing whether a press release or a blog of some sort. I know the struggle of writing a blog and what to do sometimes with one. So here are some little tips for you all.

  1. Catch readers attention with titles

It’s the first thing a reader sees. You want them to read your blog and enjoy it. The title must also go along with your blog. I always debate whether to make it up my topic or write my blog first. Either way your title should always be something that will catch someone’s eye.

  1. Be you

It’s important to not copy anyone. You need to be yourself and be creative. Being you in any environment is key to success. If you aren’t yourself, who are you trying to be? Allow yourself to be the creative person you are and not copy someone else’s work.

  1. Use trends

In today’s world trends are constantly changing. If it’s not the outfit, it’s the season. You have to make sure you are up to date with the latest trends. Staying up to date with current events as well. Connecting your topic to trends or current events make your blog more interesting. You will get more feedback and it even helps if you tag the trend or current event happening.

4. Tell the truth

Never ever lie to the public. It is the absolute worst thing you could do. It takes a lot to trust someone and when you lie about something you can lose a lot of respect. Plus you would be giving out false information. The way anything is traveled now is a split second. The rumors start, and it will come back and haunt you.

5. Social Media

Social media has changed the world has reacted to any situation. It is crucial to connect each media outlet to your blog. You’ll get a different market audience on each media outlet. It also allows for it to reach many different people by shares or retweets.


I hope some of these tips you will use to help your blog grow or maybe you are in the process of using them. Take them as you will and blog your little heart out with these tips.


Photo Credit: Abdulghani Alsooqi via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Abdulghani Alsooqi via Compfight cc


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No time for Relaxation

Welcome to the life of public relations where you run, run, run and never can catch a breath. I recently interviewed someone I worked side by side with this past summer. Her name is Becca Bornhorst. She works at GRand Solutions LLC, a public relations, marketing, and event planning firm. She went to Butler, studied journalism, and played women’s basketball there. Becca wasn’t planning on going into the PR field until she had her internships with the Indianapolis Fever and Butler basketball. Becca helped me tremendously this summer. Not only with pointers, but guiding me into more the PR side of IndyCar. One question I asked Becca was what is a daily week for you? She went into detail about a week during race season. In Becca’s words, “Race season starts in March and goes into September, you always have to be available and it’s not a typical work week. Expect to be working weekends, traveling is Thursday thru Sunday so you don’t get much of a break. When handling the PR for the team and driver you’re doing press releases, live social media, publicity events, and getting it all done in a timely manner.”

Working in the IndyCar field you get to do a lot of crazy and fun things. Becca talked about when they went to Toronto, Canada. Since Becca works at Grand one of their clients is Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing, now known as Carpenter Fisher Hartman Racing. She found a girl named Sarah Fisher who actually is from the show Degrassi. Becca stated its all about the cross promoting in something like this, plus it gave them a huge social media boost. Social media is a big part of Becca’s job, you constantly have to stay up with the latest trends and techniques. I can tell that it has changed dramatically, she agreed especially with the way a message is delivered. We now have many ways to talk through social media and it has helped us in many ways.

The next couple questions I asked Becca all were very similar. I asked how do you keep up with social media. She gave me very good ideas such as the website spinsucks, keeping up with the latest trends, and looking outside the bubble. Grand solutions allows their employees to refresh their knowledge or go gain more about a certain topic by paying for classes. We discussed a lot about how writing is crucial in this field. With Becca having a journalism major she did a lot of writing but wished she knew that there isn’t always a story, you have to find it. She explained that writing is huge and if you are just mediocre don’t even bother, get creative and find the story.

Finally concluding the interview Becca left me with three tips that I have already started to do. One: read and keep up with latest trends. Two: be confident never cocky, not only with yourself but clients. Build the relationships and trust. Three: improve skill sets, be knowledgeable, and grow with your career.

Photo Credit: "Anwaar via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: “Anwaar via Compfight cc

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Put another tally up

The best feeling ever is when the tweet you just tweeted starts getting multiple favorites or retweets. Then you noticed you gained more followers and you think you’re Jimmy Fallon, you’re so funny. I’m sorry to burst that bubble but you will never be that funny. On the other hand you gained more followers so snaps to you.

Twitter is one of the greatest social media source out there. If you don’t have a Twitter I feel sorry for you. It is so informative and upbeat. The biggest worry on twitter is the followers. You are always trying to impress them. Whether it’s a funny tweet or your intriguing bio. Here are some helpful hints I found interesting to help you boost your follower account.


  1. A good picture. When you want to search for someone you instantly want to see the face and who they are. The picture you choose should be appropriate but show your personality. Don’t be boring have fun with it!
  2. Your bio. Your bio must catchy because that is what grabs the attention of most. It’s like a blog, the title has to literally grab you. But, be careful you only have 160 characters, so accept the challenge and bring out you inner creativity because we all have a little bug that’s creative.
  3. Okay we all know we love to read about what the world is offering. So hey go ahead chime in and put the hash tag provided. It puts you out there and 9/10 times you get a reply, follow, or retweet. Also it helps to retweet things you like and follow but then quote it. You are giving the author credit but also giving a slight opinion.
  4. Finally be patient. People will follow and comment back to. I’ve learned instead tweeting more about my life to promote more what I love. Also it makes me look better for when I’m applying for a job. I tweet more about what I want to do and link it to sport topics being talked about. I’ve gotten feedback, conversation start-ups, and followers.

Hopefully these tips lead you in the right direction and you gain followers. Be smart and think about what you tweet. They will follow and connect with you!

Photo Credit: Anne Helmond via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Anne Helmond via Compfight cc

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Hey! Look up!

Social Media

Can you go a minute without updating a tweet? How about posting a picture? Sending a snapchat of a picture perfect moment? All these things are what todaysgeneration can’t run their life without doing. You constantly see everyone on their phone. It’s just easy because it’s right at your fingertips. From sitting on the subway or walking to a restaurant. People now a days can’t look up from their phone and actually know what is going on.

Social media has become a priority for most people. Celebrity’s tell their story first to social media rather than send a release. You instantly express your feelings before even thinking what you are saying. Plus you can get a reply in a split second. Social Media has gained over millions of followers, readers, and lovers. The media has a good rep but also a bad rep.

The good about the media is its fast. You say what you want and send. BAM! It’s out there for the world. A fall to that is, did you proof it? Is it acceptable? Most of the time yes, other times no. Celebrities do it best. They say what they want, when they want. Good and bad. With my past experience as an intern I learned that you have to be careful with what you say to the audience. You never know what will spike the attention or if you worded it wrong. It all comes back to haunt you if you did do something wrong. If you do get a reply that is not positive you don’t have much time, most say thirty minutes to an hour. Trust me it’s not a pretty site or is it fun to be the bad guy. But hey, you can’t please everyone.

I will say I love having social media. I have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. All of them are very smart with their marketing and entire websites. They continuously update you to bigger and better things. Tell you who to follow and who to friend. When keeping up in the world, it’s best to be on Twitter. It’s instantly out there and keeps you updated literally play-by-play. If we didn’t have social media honestly I have no idea what the world would do. It’s made us a better place but also so tech savvy that it’s annoying to most.


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